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Exclusively Designed For Ensuring Food Safety Practice At Home.

Safe Food At Home

Keep your family safe by learning and practicing food safety

Food Safety at Home is So Important!

And a lot of time, we have forgotten food safety principles that can help ensure that we don’t poison ourselves at home.


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Keep Your Family and Friend Safe

Who Should Be Taking This Course?

- Stay-home mom who cooks for the family

- House wife

- Basically, anyone who cooks

Lesson 1:

Introduction to Food Safety

    Understanding the importance of food safety in preventing foodborne illnesses and ensuring the well-being of your family.


Lesson 2

Foodborne Illnesses

    Identifying common foodborne pathogens, their sources, and the symptoms they cause.

Lesson 3

Personal Hygiene

    Exploring proper handwashing techniques, personal grooming, and the importance of avoiding cross-contamination.


Lesson 4:

Safe Food Handling

    Learning best practices for storing, preparing, cooking, and serving food to minimize the risk of contamination.

Lesson 5:

Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Understanding the difference between cleaning and sanitizing, and how to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.


Lesson 6

Allergen Management

    Recognizing common food allergens, preventing cross-contact, and safely accommodating family members with food allergies.


Lesson 7

Temperature Control

    Understanding the critical temperatures for storing, cooking, and reheating food to prevent bacterial growth.

Lesson 8:

Kitchen Safety

    Identifying potential hazards in the kitchen and implementing safety measures to prevent accidents.


Exclusively Designed For Ensuring Food Safety Practice At Home.

Why You Should Take This Courses?

- Flexible, self-paced learning with an estimated completion time of 4-6 hours.

- Stop and learn at your own pace

- Useful tips to keep your family safe -Apply learned concepts directly to your everyday cooking and meal preparation routines.

- Gain confident that you keep food safe when cooking for your family