Basic Food Safety Training

6 months
7 videos
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This program is specially designed for busy food manufacturers. Training content includes

  • Basic GMP Training
  • Training vs Competency
  • Allergen Training
  • Traceability and Recall Training
  • Bonus lesson: Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions
  • Bonus lesson: Decoding your SFCR requirements



Lesson 1:Basic GMP Training

This lesson is suitable for new employees learning about food safety in a food processing setting. This lesson details the importance of food safety, employee hygiene and common Good Manufacturing Practices that must be followed by all employees working in a manufacturing setting.


Lesson 2: Training vs Competency

This lesson focus on understanding why training doesn't equal competency and how you can enhance or define competency for the food safety programs.


Lesson 3: Allergen Management Training

This lesson focus on understanding why allergen management is important to our food safety program, how to manage allergen and adapt verification and validation to the cleaning and sanitation requirements.


Lesson 4: Traceability and Recall Training

This lesson describes the traceability and recalls requirements, what it is, what to do and when to issue a withdrawal and recall. A must-know for all food manufacturers!


Bonus lesson:


1. Determine your SFCR requirements

If you are doing business in Canada, you must comply with food safety regulations including meeting the SFCR requirements.


This bonus lesson will guide you to understand the requirements and comes with bonus guidance on how to navigate through CFIA account settings and SFC license applications

2. Corrective actions and preventative actions

This bonus lesson is great for those of you who are new to the food safety management system, to diagnose the real cause of the problem and adapt corrective actions and preventative actions to prevent the reoccurrence of the incidents.

Monthly Support Program

Offers to all our training program subscribers -learn and interact with your peers in our monthly training program featuring food safety topics of interest.

This support package alone is worth CAD 1, 200 annually. And you are getting this for CAD 600/ annually. Subscription is renewable every 6 months. A free trial for the program is available for 7 days.


Felicia Loo
Felicia Loo