Training Program Offerings

Q & A

Do you have a trial period for this program?

Our trial period is 7 days for our basic food safety training program. During our promotional period, we are extending our trial period to  30 days, a money-back guarantee.


Unfortunately for all of our other food safety training programs, we are unable to extend the trial period or offer the money-back guarantee package. The basic food safety training program will provide a good understanding of how our platform works and be helpful for your team.


Most of our subscriptions are valid for 6 months before they renew. You can cancel the subscription at any time before your subscription renewal. When you cancel your subscription, please note that we are not able to provide any refund.


How you can use this training?

When you sign up for our training program, you will be provided with the login into the plan/programs that you selected. You will be able to access your chosen pre-recorded training and monthly masterclass that we have prepared for you.


What is the benefit of signing up with SFPM's Training program?

The training program that we designed is really different from how our founder, Felicia Loo learned about food safety programs. Felicia built her training, based on her 9 years of experience working in the food industry and coaching new employees or businesses that are new to food safety programs.


Her training is usually less than 15 minutes per session. She focused on getting the most important message through her training so that the audience doesn't get "information overload" and are able to focus on implementing the action plan. The core of the program are delivered on-demand so the audience can review the key concept as needed.


When they complete the on-demand training and quizzes, an online verifiable certificate of attendance will be sent within a week.


Monthly, we offer a drop-in session, to help our client with food safety management system implementation questions.


Time and Cost Saving Calculators

Sometimes, we know how tempted you are to build a training program of your own and take time to train your employees! Unfortunately, we are just going to stop you here because you spent precious time building training programs and running them.


For example, using our training platform, we can save you at least 20 minutes with new employee GMP. That's 20 minutes per employee. Imagine how many times we help save! Check our time and cost saving calculators here. We want you to save even more than you pay us.



There are many ways we plan to provide training that is cost-efficient and accessible to our clients.

  • Basic Food Safety Training:  (Annual: CAD 600)
    • Access to monthly masterclass (worth CAD 100/ month)
    • Access to basic food safety program (worth CAD 300)
  • Premium Client Success Access - Free access to our Premium Support Client

Upgrade cost: CAD 100/ month (Annual: CAD 1, 200)

  • Access to additional drop-in session a month (1 masterclass + 1 drop in Q&A) (worth CAD200/ month)
  • Access to pre-requisite program training (worth CAD 1, 000)
  • Priority Client Success Access -Upgrade cost: CAD 300/ month (Annual: CAD 3, 600)
    • Access to additional drop-in sessions a month (1 masterclass + 1 drop-in Q&A)
    • Access to pre-requisite program training


The Road Map

Here are some of the programs that we expect to build for you in the future.

  • On-demand Masterclass to SQF and SFCR (Expect Jan 2022)
  • On-demand and Live Product Development + Bring Food to Retail Track Session (Expect Mar 2022)
  • Step-by-Step Environmental Monitoring Program Development (Expect Mar 2022)
  • Food Regulatory Track (Expect Apr 2022)
  • 1-to-1 consulting booking through the training platform


What if I need customized training?

If you need customized training, we are happy to help you generate customized training for you and your team.


We are capable of generating training programs that can automate the following:

  • New employee onboarding training
  • Food Safety/ HACCP team training
  • Other Operational process training


We could also work on delivering training on-site at your facility.


Simply contact us on our contact us page and we will send some help to automate your training process.



Looking for Partnership

We are always looking for partners to complement our food safety training and implementation. If you are seeking partnership opportunities, simply contact us on our contact us page and we will be in touch with you.